Big 5

We just got back from America from doing the Big 5 in Vegas, was awesome thanks a lot. Is there anywhere in this country where its legal to fire handguns? Thoroughly enjoyed it was hoping to do some more. Thanks again

Shaun H.


Full Monty

Just to let you know, we all had a great time at Top Gun Tours. They looked after us well

The desert eagle was the highlight – “Mr Tingles” as they called it. No-one expected such a kick from a hand gun. M16 was a work of beauty.

Paul M.


Big 5

I was in Vegas in June and we used Top Gun Tours for the big 5. It was excellent and our party thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend you.

Paul S.


Big 5

No photos to share I’m afraid but I can say the shooting was one of the highlights of the trip, all of us really enjoyed it and the instructors were great! Thanks again.

Rob C.


Full Monty

We had a great time in Vegas thanks. The lads at the shop were very helpful, they showed us how to use all the guns in the right manner and also had a good laugh with us making it a good time for all, thanks a lot for all of your help to book the trip.

Laurence C.


Big 5

We had a great time thanks. The shooting was awesome and the instructor very knowledgable and a good laugh. Thanks,

Andrew J.


3 Guns Experience

We had a great time at the shooting. All really enjoyed it and the instructor was excellent. Thanks for the great experience.

Lee H.


Big 5

I have to say on behalf of the people that went on the shooting event – they LOVED it… they had a fab time and talked about it non-stop all holiday.  I would highly recommend Top Gun Tours to anyone heading to the Vegas area.

Thanks for an easy booking and a totally awesome time…

Sharon M.


Three Guns

We had THE best time ever!!!!!!   It was a birthday pressie for my Husband of two days (we got married in the Bellagio).  He was well up for it, I however was very very nervous (all the girls were).

We arrived in the range and the gents soon had us all gunned up – we even got to pick our machine gun!  They gave us clear instructions on how to fire the guns and let us go for it.  After the first go I was going for it – my T shirt is like a collinder haha.

Everybody said how good the morning was – not something us folks in the UK would ever get to do. I will be telling everybody about it and will defo recommend it to anybody! Thanks

Jess Davies


Three Guns

I would just like to say, Thank you for a fantastic experience I did the three gun package and I was thrilled to finally do what I have read so much about.

I would also like to thank the gentleman in Las Vegas (sorry forgot his name I was a bit overwhelmed at the time) he was very thorough and professional and he made us feel at ease.

So once again Thank you.

Tony Baker


Full Monty

Had the best time ever. Would strongly recommend it.

Will get some of are photos and send over. Thanks

Ian Westlake


Big 5

i would like to say a big thank you. Our experience at the shooting range was excellent. my husband loved it. the trip to vegas was a present for him and we saved the gun range til last.. save the best for last!

we will be headin back soon and will be bookin the range again!

thank you again

yvonne ng


Big 5

My name is Tina Addy and I booked “The Big Five” event at Las Vegas which we attended on the 26 March.

Oh my god, can I just say that we had the best time ever – we were all slightly nervous at the start but Gaizer (sorry don’t know how to spell his name) was absolutely fantastic.  He explained everything to us in great detail and made us feel at ease.  The morning just flew by we wished we could have stayed longer.  Theresa who took my booking was very helpful and what you see on the website is exactly what you get (and more).  Your site does not leave anything out and your staff are brilliant too.  We would also like to thank Gaizer for putting us at ease and for letting us have a go of a sixth gun – which he obviously did not need to do.

Once again many thanks and I can’t wait to go to Orlando so we can book you again.  Once I have downloaded some photos I will email them to you if you would like.

Tina Addy


Full Monty

We all had an excellent time, out instructor was very good, was very descriptive and explained how to use the guns properly, we all had a very good time.

I have enclosed some photos for you in case you want to use them on your website in the future.

Maurice Luckcock


Full Monty Las Vegas – 17/11/08

Hi we have just returned form las vegas which i arranged for my husbands 60th birthday this was a surprise for him also my grandson, i booked the FULL MONTY i must say they had a FANTASTIC day they can not stop talking about it!!!!!!

Every thing was well arranged when we got there the staff were very helpful, and on hand through out the shoot, i would not hesitate to recommend you to any one that want’s to go shooting in vegas.

The only thing was they never got the pen and did not have the chance to win a medal still never mind they still had a great time, once again a BIG THANK YOU.

Kind regards

Sue Warren


Full Monty Las Vegas – 18/9/08

Just wanted to thank you and your team.

got back from las vegas and had a wonderful time.

the top gun tour-full monty was definetely one of the highlights of the trip.

thanks again.

Jay Callaghan.


Full Monty Las Vegas – 23/8/08

It was superb. People in the store very friendly and accomodating.

Just a small thing it would be good to put a sign on the outside of the premises saying “Top Gun Tours” as it looks a bit deserted on a Saturday morning. Even the taxi driver said are you sure this is the right place ? It didn’t look very open.

The other thing is a lot of people have been interested in our experience with top gun. Its a good product and a good price, I’m not sure how you could promote it better!

We had a great time and many thanks.

Mark Macfee


Big 5 Las Vegas – 6/8/08

we had an awesome time thanks. The staff were really helpful and safety was obviously

a priority but was enforced without spoiling things.

What really surprised us was the ‘kick-back’ from all the weapons we fired, especially the machine gun.

We also shot a magazine’s worth through our T-shirts and wear these with pride!

In summary, we fully enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who’s not frightened

by loud noises and recoils.

thanks again

Mark Quinn


Big 5 Las Vegas – 6/8/08

really enjoyed the expierience and the staff were very knowledgeable and friendly.As the Americans say it was AWESOME.

Bill Dugdale


Full Monty Las Vegas – 5/8/08

All went smoothly thanks, it was enjoyed by everyone (I think!), the people were very friendly and the location easy to get to.

Would definitely recommend.

Leon Bastajian


Full Monty Las Vegas – 6/6/08

Can’t thank you enough for the shooting event. We all had an incredible time in a very safe and professional environment. It was one of the highlights of the stag trip and I would recommend you to anyone.

Many Thanks

Alastair Manning


3 Guns Experience Las Vegas – 24/5/08

It was totally brilliant – great fun and a unique and memorable experience.

The instructor (Geyser, I think) was really good and made sure we knew how to do things safely and sensibly. The range and equipment was state of the art and it was all really well organised.

I would definitely go back and also recommend it to anyone else going to Vegas on stag weekend. I have a pretty good photo of us all posing with T shirts and guns at the end. I’ll e-mail you a copy and you can stick it on your website if you want.

Richard Green


Full Monty Las Vegas – 22/5/08

Hi there, sorry for the delay but I was abroad right after the vegas trip also.

Feedback – all great really!  Vegas has so much entertainment to offer yet all of the things we did in our week there our group unanimously enjoyed the shooting the most.

cheers again

Lewis Hodkinson


Magnum Contest Las Vegas – 19/5/08

Everything went as planned, it was a surreal experience. Lots of fun, nice touch shooting the T-shirts, everyone enjoyed themselves and some ended up firing some other guns. Only bad thing, which was out of your control, was waiting on the taxis to pick us back up. We waited for over an hour ( almost longer than the actual shooting event itself). Other than that was an enjoyable experience.

Dave Machin


Full Monty Las Vegas – 23/5/08

We had a great time at the shooting.i have to say that these guys know what they are doing. All of us would not hesitate to repeat book next time .the range is nothing fancy and yet it lacks nothing either.good day


Billy Lawlor


Big 5 Las Vegas – 24/5/08

Thank you so much for organizing for us, we had a wicked time there!  Plus I managed to hit a few targets too which was a bonus (without killing anyone! hehe !).Thanks again!

Gemma Craven


3 Guns Las Vegas – 21/5/08

I honestly thought it was fantastic! The instructor was professional but also hilarious and very friendly. The group I was with enjoyed it so much, they are still talking about it! I couldn’t be happier with the experience, thank you !

Paul Garner


Full Monty Las Vegas – 16/5/08

Excellent time, although shoulder was a bit sore from the shotgun (but worth it).

Great memories especially when told what would happen if we didn’t hold the Desert Eagle properly (my mate’s face was a picture).

Members of staff very friendly and made you feel at ease (none of that ”what you don’t know what your doing” attitude) excellent value, very open to questions and very patient especially with us English guys who are not used to handling guns. Even let us handle another gun and showed us different types of bullets while we waited for the cab which was an added bonus.

All in all, very good and would definitely stop by again when in Vegas.

Michael McCormack


Full Monty Las Vegas – 28/5/08

Absolutely Superb. Many thanks and great service. Will be doing it again for sure when we get another chance to go to Vegas.

Stuart Parker


3 Guns Experience Las Vegas – 29/5/08

The shooting experience was great.It was conducted in a very professional manner and the guys were great with us as we had never done anthing like that before.

There safety was also spot on which of course is very important.

Andrew Stephenson


Full Monty Las Vegas – 21/5/08

It was absolutly fantastic, all three of us were bussing for hours afterwards, the staff were excellent and coached us in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere.

Chris Craswell


Big 5 Las Vegas – 22/5/08

We had a great time thanks. We really enjoyed the shooting event – the instructor was friendly and very experienced. We felt very confident that we were in safe hands. We are definitely doing the shooting event again when we go back. We were so impressed that we are considering going to Prague to try it there!!

Anya Julius


Full Monty Las Vegas – 30/5/08

We have just got back from Las Vegas, and I thought I would let you know what a great experience we had doing this. The people were very polite, helpful and friendly and nothing was too much trouble. We both thourghly enjoyed it.

I would recommend this to anyone who asks.

Pat Constantine


3 Guns Experience Las Vegas – 13/5/08

Honestly we don’t have a bad word to say about the experience. It was awesome.

Had a quick intro and we were shooting straight away, no waiting around.  The experience was unforgettable…and such a buzz!

Thanx for all your help.  Please pass on our compliments to the team.

Nathan Godfrey


Full Monty Las Vegas – 15/5/08

The shooting event was amazing.  Our instructor was really friendly with lots of stories.  Even though he must have given instruction to hundreds maybe thousands of people before gave the impression he was sharing our groups excitement and experience as well.  My little sister got really shaken up after shooting her first gun and didn’t want to shoot anymore but the instructor was cool about it and my brother in law and I took her shots for her.  So it was all good.  My girlfriend shot for the first time as well and she gave up when she seen the pistols and shotgun but enjoyed shooting the MP5 and the instructor let her shoot some extra shots with that since she didn’t like the handguns.

If we are ever back in town in the future will be back for another shooting event.

Neil Stansfield


Full Monty Las Vegas – 13/5/08

We had a fantastic time in Las Vegas with Top Gun Tours. Unfortunately I cannot remember the gentleman’s name who was our instructor but he was extremely helpful, informative and made the entire experience a pleasure – I would be grateful if you can pass on my thanks to him.

I would recommend your tour to anyone and if I were back in Vegas I would certainly book another tour.

Thank you all once again.

Ian Peek


Full Monty Las Vegas – 11/5/08

Fantastic fun, would definitely recommend it. The staff were very professional, and all four of us went away with big smiles.

Jason Howard


Full Monty Las Vegas – 6/5/08

We had an absolutely fantastic time in Vegas, with the highlight beeng the shooting event.  All four of us (two men & two women) agreed that it was the best thing about the trip (and we’d had plenty of other excitement up until then!).  There was just enough instruction to make it safe, but not so much that it took the enjoyment out of it – after all, we just wanted to get on with shooting!

We were all thrilled to bring away targets &  T-shirts liberally peppered with gunshot holes – as we had thought we might not hit the target!

Thanks for such a great experience,

John, Jen, Dave & Andi


Full Monty Las Vegas – 25/3/08

Just wanted to say what a fantastic time I had in Vegas, the wife had booked the full monty as a christmas present and I had a blast.  I met up with the other 4 on the day and got on really well.  The guys and gals at the range were very friendly and most professional, they did everything they could to make it a most memorable day.

Mike Taylor

ps I`m the one with the MP5 on the pictures.


Big 5 Las Vegas – 4/4/08

Just to let you know we’re back from Vegas now and had an absolutely fantastic time at the range – apparently we were naturals!!  Ben has not stopped going on about it all holiday so thanks for that! We’ll definitely recommend you to all our friends and if we’re ever back in Vegas we’ll be doing it again!

Thanks again

Carrie & Ben


Big 5 Las Vegas – 23/1/08

We had our event on the 23rd and I must thank you we had an excellent time. The facilities and instructors were superb and the shooting was fun.

Darryl Rempel


3 Guns & Full Monty Las Vegas – 29/12/07

Just wanted to say thanks for sorting out the shooting in Las Vegas, we both had a really good time and enjoyed it very much.

It was Catherine’s first time and although a bit apprehensive at first the instructor was really good and she ended up loving it. Photos

James Floyd


Magnum Contest Las Vegas – 14/12/07

To say many thanks to your team in Las Vegas for a great time we had shooting those Magnums. I am determined to go back next Year and do some more!I thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all.

Frank Lake


Full Monty Las Vegas – 30/11/07

We enjoyed our ‘Full Monty’ with you on 30th November. Thank you for making our session so enjoyable. Our t-shirts have provoked much amusement here!

Joanne and Philip Fern


Full Monty Las Vegas – 6/9/07

We had a great time at the Shooting Event that was organised through your selves , i have e mailed the other member of my party to get some photos of the day , then i will sent them through . The shooting was really a very unique experience , i would recommend any one to give it a try , it was one of the highlights of my trip . After the shooting i later got married that night in a Helicopter over the strip , the shooting was a perfect way to spend some time before getting married .

We are planning another trip next year to Las Vegas and another visit with Top Gun Tours to the shooting range is definitely a must . We got a real buzz from the experience , but also learnt a lot of respect for the weapons we got to use .The instructor we had was very helpful , explaining precisely what we had to do.

Paul Nicholson


3 Guns Las Vegas – 14/8/07

The event went fantastically well, thanks very much for your help. Photos

Keith Dyer


3 Guns Las Vegas – 10/7/07

We had a wonderful time in Vegas, and the shooting was definitely a great finale to our family holiday! We all absolutely loved it, just wished we had more time to try some of the other guns they had there! I would have liked to have been brave enough to try the desert eagle!

Unfortunately, none of us remembered our instructors name but he was brilliant, really enthusiastic and knew all the answers to our many questions! The range was very laid back and friendly but also very professional and safety conscience.

We will definitely be recommending your company to everyone going to Vegas and your other destinations, its such a great idea as we would never be able to do anything like this in Britain. Our friends are all quite jealous having seen our photos and our t-shirts!!!

I have attached a few of our photos for you.

Many thanks

Hannah Richardson


Full Monty Las Vegas – 9/8/07

We have returned back to the UK from visiting Las Vegas July 2007.

Mike Abbott and Mark White both wish to thank our host Tim at the Las Vegas Shooting Range for giving us a most memorable day and experience. The event was well supervised and well explained throughout and was an amazing experience. We both fully recommend taking part in this FULL MONTY experience. A truly memorable day out was had. Thank you.

I attached some photo’s of our shoot in another email. Hope this can be of some use to your site and hope to see you again next year.

Mike Abbott and Mark White


Magnum Contest Las Vegas – 14/6/07

Excellent experience. Very well organised. The guys there were very professional and knowledgeable.

One slight issue was transport, we got cabs there but they couldn’t book us cabs when we left and had to walk to a hotel to grab one. Not a huge problem though.

Thanks very much, will recommend you to others and a good time was had by all.

Nick Siegle


Full Monty Las Vegas – 16/5/07

Just like to thank you and all your staff involved for a truly great experience at the shooting range while we were in Vegas, it really topped my brothers birthday off and will always be remembered by the two of us.

Philip Sword


Full Monty Las Vegas – 10/4/07

i must say sorry first for not thanking you for our three gun trip you arranged in april 2005.

the full monty in vegas was fantastic i can say all of us enjoyed it imensly,and the level of instruction was great please send our thanks to the staff at the gun range.

ps i am looking to book the full monty in praque for my new son in laws birthday,would appreciate any information on where to stay that is close to the event.

graeme sheppard


3 Guns Experience Las Vegas – 26/3/07

We had a great time at our shooting event thanks. Can’t really say there’s anything that could be improved. The only thing would be to have an area where you can have a group photo taken all holding machine gun with some sort of back drop. We could still take photo’s anyway so it was not a problem. The guys in the shop were really friendly and helpful.

Miles Touchard


Full Monty and 3 Guns Experience Las Vegas – 16/4/07

The shooting was great !!  The guys at the range were very helpful, safety conscious and good fun.  It seemed to be over very quickly, but time flies when you’re enjoying yourself.  I shoot regularly in the UK – game, vermin and clay pigeon, but the weapons in the states are something else !

Thanks for a great day.  We’re certainly considering the package in Prague next time.

I did learn something though……….don’t ever under estimate your wife when she’s got a gun in her hand !!

Ian & Jill Long


3 Guns Experience Las Vegas – 4/4/07

Thank you so much for everything. Oli and i had a great time. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. We would definitely recommend your place to friends and family.



3 Guns Experience Las Vegas – 9/4/07

The 3 gun experience was amazing. Out of all the activities we engaged in on holiday, this was the one we have talked about most since we returned home. We were very impressed with the knowledgeable staff and the great emphasis placed upon safety. Wow those guns are loud.

Thanks again for arranging this event for us. we wouls certainly recommend this experience to others.

Dave Hawkins


Full Monty Las Vegas – 31/1/07

what a great day the guys there are really nice and we all had great fun well worth it.

Simon McGechie


Full Monty Las Vegas – 31/1/07

Many thanks to all at the range,they were brilliant. Special mention to Skip(thanks mate). If anybody reads this I would definetley recommend the Full Monty. Firing the Desert Eagle was awesome. Cool targets too. Thanks again Top Gun Tours!!

Ian Debattista


Full Monty Las Vegas – 6/1/07

Me and my friends had a great time, and we really enjoyed the morning at the shooting range. The instructor was friendly and helpful and I would definately recommend it.

Dan Noble


Three Guns Experience Las Vegas – 29/12/06

Yes thanks, Martin and Aden had a brill time. It was a great experience for them both. Not sure who looked after them as I didnt go but they were well looked after and even got to fire a magnum.

Karen Taylor


Full Monty Las Vegas – 30/12/06

We has a fabulous time, as usual, in Las Vegas.  That was  our 4th trip, but the first time we had decided to try different things and hire a car for 5 days.

The shooting event was excellent.  We had never handled rifles or guns before, in fact I hadn’t seen any close up before!!  Gerard, the guy who instructed us was extremely kind and helpful and made us feel relaxed so that we could enjoy the experience to the full.  It was brilliant for both of us.   Would do it again with no hesitation.

Thank you so much for your efficient and smooth running service.

Lynda McClean [& Fred]


3 Guns Experience Las Vegas – 4/12/06

Thanks for the e-mail, we were going to leave feedback as soon as we got back from Las Vegas but you know how things get just before Christmas.

We were looked after by Skip, who was great, let us choose the weapons I had always wanted to use, ie M16 & Thompson sub-machine gun. We had a really great afternoon, the guys there were so friendly & would thoroughly recommend it to others.

Rob & Gill Wright


3 Guns Experience Las Vegas – 23/9/06

We thoroughly enjoyed the event.  The venue was well-organised and we were welcomed by name on arrival and treated politely throughout.  The safety aspects were dealt with carefully and after our initial training we were allowed to make our own pace unsupervised.  We bought extra rounds.  They teased us gently over our scores (I had the best score out of our small group) and gave us our targets to bring home.

Would go again and would recommend it to anyone interested.

Rosemary Roberts


3 Guns Experience Las Vegas – 23/9/06

We had a great time thanks. It was quite an experience and I’ve told just about everyone I know how good it was. The staff at the gun range were superb, they made it fun and were professional throughout.

Dan Crowley


Magnum contest Las Vegas 28/4/06

It was great. Everything ran very smoothly.


Adrian Smith


3 Guns Las Vegas 25/4/06

the event went really well, everyone had a great time. i’ll definately recommend it to anyone who’s going. Cheers

Keith Gordon


3 Guns Las Vegas 21/4/06

We had such a fantastic time and Ray was a very good instructor who made the whole experience so enjoyable.  We would recommend this to anybody we know who is going to Las Vegas in the future.

Many thanks once again.

Craig Hatchard


3 Guns Las Vegas 19/4/06

just a quick email to let you know myself and kim rutter had a great time shooting, it was a great experience,  and could you give our thanks again to ray witham , a great guy, who made it a brilliant afternoon, we thorougly enjoyed it and we will recommend it to anyone going to vegas ,

thanks again, for all your help in organising this special da.y.

lesley davis


3 Guns Las Vegas 12/4/06

The shooting experience was great, made better by the instructors – Ray and Alicia.  Really made us feel welcome and obviously top of their field.

Thanks again,

Graham Francis


3 Guns Las Vegas 9/4/06

Ray (I think that was his name), his girlfriend and the other chap Bud (?) were brilliant. They gave us the initial safety talk and went through with us what we would be doing for the afternoon. The shooting itself was enjoyed greatly by all 12 of us. We also had a very interesting conversation with ray afterwards whilst waiting for our taxi’s regarding appropriate force and the rights and wrongs of the use of guns.

I would strongly recommend any groups going to Vegas to have a go at the range. Many thanks again for organizing the afternoon.

Stuart Miller


3 Guns Las Vegas 8/4/06

We had a fantastic time on the three guns session. Ray was a great tutor and helped us to enjoy our day. We really enjoyed all the guns particularly the MP5 Machine gun. We have some great video footage of us unloading a clip of 25 rounds…… Magic !!!

We would totally recommend the course it was a total winner. Thanks again

Phil Gripton


3 Guns Las Vegas 4/3/06

Just a quick e-mail to sat how much we enjoined the event. In particular pass our thanks again to Ray Witham and his girlfriend who were excellent instructors.

Many thanks.

Rob Wingrave – London


3 Guns Las Vegas – Jan 06

Thanks so much – we had a great morning. The instructor was superb – a young guy who realised that all of us had a knowledge of guns so after an informed safety briefing let us get on with it. He provided 3 different makes of semi auto’s and we got to fire each one noting the different characteristics of them all (the Glock was everyone’s favourite).

We had our competition which was scored as an aggregate of all guns fired – the 38′s – semi autos and the Heckler & Koch sub machine gun. I won which made it all the better.

Thanks again

Keir Donald


Speed Shoot Las Vegas – Nov 05

Just got back from our speed shooting day and all 3 of us thoroughly enjoyed it. Once again Ray was more than professional and kept the day enjoyable and even came for a bite to eat with us and brought a few friends along.

Will definitely be back again at some point – the day was great!!!

Many thanks for all your help with this and hope to go again soon

Mike Maloney – London


3 Guns Las Vegas – Nov 05

Just got back from Vegas and wanted to let you know that the shooting you arranged for my husband and his friends was brilliant. They haven’t stopped talking about it.

Thanks again – we were very impressed.

Loretta Aston – Shropshire


3 Guns Las Vegas 11/3/05

Just to say that our party of three really enjoyed last Friday’s Three Guns event. It was very straight forward getting there and very professionally run. We had no problems with the trip apart from hitting the centre of the target!

I’m much clearer now about what I think about guns!

Joe McCarthy


3 Guns Las Vegas 1/3/05

It was the highlight of our trip and all the guys who did it were of the same opinion!! I have some friends going to Vegas soon and will definitely be giving them your details.

Many thanks for a great couple of hours.

Mike Malony


3 Guns Las Vegas 2/4/05

We all had an absolutely fabulous time and enjoyed shooting some big guns!!!

Dr V Saxena


3 Guns Las Vegas 17/7/04

Had a brilliant day and shot far more guns than anticipated! Ray was a very kind chap and once he realised he wasn’t dealing with pure novices we got on very well. If you are in contact with him again please thank him.

He mentioned your Eastern European enterprise and I may think about this for next year.

Many thanks for everything and if you want to use this me as a reference please do so.

Peter Greenwood


3 Gun Las Vegas Oct 04

Just a note to say how much we both enjoyed the 3 Guns programme in Las Vegas. It was an incredible day out, and one neither of us will forget in a hurry. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone as it it such a great experience, not only to shoot handguns, but also a real submachine gun as well. All in all, I think this is one of the best attractions and days out in Las Vegas today.

Roy & Juliet Pritchard, North London

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