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Here’s how it all works… (short version)

Book online

First complete our online booking form and call our office to make your deposit payment.

We email you full details

Then we'll email you full details (including directions and address).  Print this out and bring it with you to Las Vegas.

Take a taxi to the range

Take a taxi to the range (takes about 10 mins from The Strip).  Bigger groups may prefer to hire a minibus or a limo.

Arriving at the range

Once you've arrived the staff will get you checked in, then give a short safety briefing.

Shooting different guns

Next the instructors will take you to the range and you'll shoot the different guns included in your package.


Shooting your T-shirt

Finally each person will get their own Las Vegas Gun Gremlin T-shirt to shoot some souvenir bullet holes in!

Optional extras

If you'd like to do some more shooting after the main event there is a great selection of extra guns for you to rent.

Group photo

Your instructor will be happy to set up a quick group photo for you before you leave as a memento of the shooting event.


Back to The Strip

The range staff will be happy to assist with calling a cab for you if you need a ride back to The Strip.

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Here’s how it all works… (more detail)

1) Complete online booking form and make deposit payment

To book, just choose which event you’d like to do then complete our online booking form. Once you’ve submitted the form call our UK office to pay the deposit by card (or ask us for a PayPal invoice if you prefer to pay online). Please note that you will need to pre-book at least a few days before shooting to be sure of a place, and ideally a few weeks before if its a larger group.

2) We send you all the details you’ll need for your shooting event

Once we’ve received your online booking form and deposit payment we’ll get you booked in at the shooting range, and a couple of working days later you will receive your formal booking confirmation by email with all the details of your shooting event (address and directions for the range, local contact numbers for emergencies, proof of deposit payment etc). This comes as a PDF attachment to the email we send you, so just print this out and bring it with you to Las Vegas.

3) Take a taxi from your hotel to the range (10-15 mins)

Bigger groups of 8+ people may find it easier and possibly even cheaper per person to rent a limo or minibus, but taxis work just fine and the ride from The Strip usually only takes about 10-15 mins depending on which end of The Strip you are staying. If you are splitting the group into two or more taxis make sure there’s someone in each taxi with a copy of the range address details. We also supply you with a map and directions with your booking confirmation so you’ll be able to find the range by yourself if you’ve got a rental car. Please note you are responsible for arranging your own transport to and from the range. Transport is not included in the price of the event.

4) Registration & Safety Briefing

After being welcomed to the shooting range, the staff will ask those participating to read and sign a waiver form, and check IDs (make sure everyone in your party brings either their passport or photo drivers licence). If you chose to pay the balance on arrival then balance payment will be collected at this point (either credit card or US Dollars cash is fine). There will then be a short safety briefing where you are shown the guns you’ll be shooting and issued with eye and ear protection before going into the live fire area. Depending on the group size this registration and safety briefing usually only takes about 5-10 minutes and then the real fun can begin.

5) Shooting different guns

You each take turns at shooting the different guns that are included in your programme under the supervision and coaching of your instructor/s. The range is indoors so you are protected from the extremes of the weather and can just wear normal indoor clothing. You will be able to watch other people in your group shoot and are welcome to take photos of your friends whilst you are waiting for your turn. If you’d like to run the event as a competition please let your instructor know at the beginning and they will keep score for you and announce the winners at the end.

6) Shooting your T-shirt

Then towards the end of the event each shooter gets his/her own Las Vegas Gun Gremlin T-shirt to shoot some souvenir bullet holes in to remind them of their Top Gun Vegas experience. The Gun Gremlin T-shirt is usually shot with a machine gun if there is one included in your programme, or a large calibre handgun if you’ve chosen an event that doesn’t include a machine gun. The T-shirt is included in the price of the event.

7) Optional Extras Available

At the end of the main shooting event you will have the opportunity to buy more ammo and rent additional guns on an individual basis (works out around $30 to $50 per gun including some ammunition depending on the type of gun and amount of ammo.). The time available for extras depends on how busy the shooting range is, so on busy days this may be limited. The “extras” shooting is entirely optional and if you are in a hurry, or on a tight budget, this can be skipped altogether.

8) Group photos

Staff at the range will be happy to assist you with a quick group photo before you go back to town. Don’t forget to bring your camera!



9) Back to The Strip

If you haven’t pre-booked a cab or a limo back to The Strip then the range staff will be happy to call a cab for you, or direct you to the nearest taxi rank. At busy times it can take 20 minutes or more for taxis to arrive so its best to call a cab as soon as you finish your event to minimise waiting time.


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